Month: July 2020

Start A New Trend By Baking These Mouthwatering Cheese Cookies!

July 24, 2020

Eating cookies while they are newly baked is one of the fun things that you can enjoy doing while locked inside your house due to quarantine. You may be losing all the usual activities that you do outdoors, but what is better than a dozen of freshly baked cookies everyday? Of course, you might want […]

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Top Senior-Friendly Food Delivery Services

July 16, 2020

  A meal delivery agency isn’t only for school students or parents that are hurried to place food on the dining table following a hectic day at work. It can be practical for seniors!   Seniors frequently find themselves homebound because of failing vision, difficulty directing a car, or other troubles. They must rely on […]


Virtual Reality Dining : Experiencing Food with Your Mind

July 14, 2020

Virtual Reality dining came around even before the COVID-19 health crisis made people use technology to make socializing virtually possible. Although already commercially available, the experience of using either virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) as a means to food with your mind instead of your mouth is still quite expensive. Actually, food scientists […]

Food Technology

How Delivery Drone Will Affect your Items

July 10, 2020

  Conveyance drones or unmanned aeronautical vehicle are pilotless airplanes conveying bundles to an assigned territory. These flying bots for the most part have 4 to 8 propellers and battery-powered Li-Po batteries to operate. The conveyance drones are self-governing or remotely controlled through a ground controlled site. Automaton administrators can screen numerous drones with the […]

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