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American Food Scientist Explains the Addictiveness of Doritos

January 23, 2021

In a public interview, food scientist and author of “Why Humans Like Junk Food,” Steven A. Witherly cited Doritos as the perfect example of addictive foods. He mentioned that the nacho cheese chips are created processed in a way that makes consumers feel they have not yet had their fill of the chips A BS […]


Things You Should Not Do at a Fast Food Restaurant

November 4, 2020

Whenever you go to a fast-food chain, whether you’re dining in or taking out, sitting down to eat and wait for someone wearing your hoodie from JUICE WRLD merch, or just going for a drive-thru, it’s essential to take note that the workers helping you are humans, too. You must treat them nicely and with […]

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Signs that Your Dog Has Anxiety

October 17, 2020

One of the difficult things when it comes to our relationships with our doggos is that when something is wrong with them, they can’t instantly say that to us. That is why they will think of ways to show that. That being said, with problems such as stress, we have to be conscious of the […]

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How Yeast Functions as Bread Leavening Agent

October 14, 2020

Nowadays, instead of buying baked goods from local bakeries, people are into baking their own loaves of bread as a cost-effective alternative or as hobbies. However, first time bakers have been struggling with their use of yeast as a leavening agent. Understanding how and why yeast is used as a raising agent can help newbies […]


Cleaning and Taking Care of Wooden Kitchen Utensils

August 25, 2020

In regards to kitchen utensils and tools, nothing surpasses on woodenware that is classic. From cutting boards to bread bowls and stirring spoons goods to include a feeling of comfort and charm to the kitchen, and these handmade things are passed from generation to generation. Wooden utensils are perfect since the wood has natural antibacterial […]


Start A New Trend By Baking These Mouthwatering Cheese Cookies!

July 24, 2020

Eating cookies while they are newly baked is one of the fun things that you can enjoy doing while locked inside your house due to quarantine. You may be losing all the usual activities that you do outdoors, but what is better than a dozen of freshly baked cookies everyday? Of course, you might want […]

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Virtual Reality Dining : Experiencing Food with Your Mind

July 14, 2020

Virtual Reality dining came around even before the COVID-19 health crisis made people use technology to make socializing virtually possible. Although already commercially available, the experience of using either virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) as a means to food with your mind instead of your mouth is still quite expensive. Actually, food scientists […]

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How Delivery Drone Will Affect your Items

July 10, 2020

  Conveyance drones or unmanned aeronautical vehicle are pilotless airplanes conveying bundles to an assigned territory. These flying bots for the most part have 4 to 8 propellers and battery-powered Li-Po batteries to operate. The conveyance drones are self-governing or remotely controlled through a ground controlled site. Automaton administrators can screen numerous drones with the […]

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Tips When Cooking With Coffee

May 9, 2020

Coffee is among the favorite hot beverages there is. Now you can not just DRINK coffee but you can also eat it as an added ingredient to your recipes. Coffee Cake Since the roasted bean is increasingly used as a flavor carrier, the question arises whether one should not also cook with espresso? Cooking with […]

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How Coronavirus Impact The Way We Cook

May 2, 2020

Public life is idle. Most of the shops are closed and the state recommends social isolation. The corona crisis drastically changes the view of the simplest things in everyday life. Practically everyone will have to adjust to the new normal. And if you have a kid, you will have to make sure they get the […]

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Are Beards Risky to Food Safety?

February 26, 2020

A month back, I was sitting in a café with an open kitchen. I looked at the show kitchen similarly as the vigorously bearded cook swiped the side of his sweat-soaked, bushy face with his uncovered hands. He was plating foods at that point. I really wanted to envision a hundred minor whiskers hairs falling […]

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Cottage Cheese Microwave Cooking

February 18, 2020

Cottage cheese is definitely one of the yummy treats, almost all people, could not get enough of.  Aside from it’s sweetened taste, it is also good for weight loss and other health benefits. No wonder why a lot of people are incorporating it in their meals in a daily basis.   Now, did you know […]

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