Making Soup Dumplings with Hazel Sy: Part 2—The Filling

Shanghai Soup Dumplings – Filling from Bryan Pace on Vimeo.

City Spoonful is celebrating Chinese New Year with a four-part video series on how to make Shanghai-style soup dumplings (xiao long bao).

Part 2: “Making the Filling” is live today. Check in again tomorrow to learn how to make the dough.

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How did we—the humble food lovers at City Spoonful—learn the complex art of making soup dumplings?

All credit goes to Hazel Sy, the culinary maven behind the cooking website Tasty Pursuits. Sy, a former finance consultant turned food blogger, spent months tinkering with her soup dumpling recipe to get the super-concentrated meaty broth, the seasoned ground pork filling, and even the dough just right. She shared her recipe with City Spoonful, so all you have to do is watch and learn.

Get Sy’s full soup dumpling recipe at Tasty Pursuits.

Additional reporting by Anne Noyes Saini

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