FDA Suspends Topway License Due to the Presence of Listeria Bacteria in Unsanitary Food Processing Facility

July 25, 2019

Last Tuesday (July 23, 2019), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the license suspension of Topway Enterprises. The food company is a Texas-based entity engaged in the processing and selling of ready-to-eat (RTE) seafood products like raw salmon and tuna.

Although no illnesses associated with Topway food products has yet been reported, the US FDA issued the cease and desist order. Mainly because the company continues to ignore the agency’s warnings about the detection of L. monocytogenes, a Listeria disease-causing bacteria, in its unsanitary facility.

The FDA together with the Texas Department of State Health Services also issued a safety-alert advisory to inform Texas and Louisiana food retailers and restaurants to ease and desist selling food products supplied by Topway. Moreover, any Topway shipment already on hand, particularly RTE seafood should likewise be discarded due to potential Listeria-bacteria contamination.

The safety advisory also urged seafood consumers to first check with the restaurant or their grocer about the origin and the name of the company supplying the raw seafood product about to be purchased or ordered. .

Listeria in Topway Food Products Detected Due to Unsanitary Conditions and Improper Food Handling

The US FDA conducts routine investigations of domestic food facilities, to which a third of the products inspected include high-risk foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, soft cheeses, prepared salads and seafood.

In February of this year, FDA inspectors who visited the Topway facility detected 31 non-pathogenic Listeria-causing, foodborne bacteria, as results of their inspections and observations of the company’s appalling sanitation deficiencies.

Listeria also known as Listeriosis, is a foodborne bacterial disease that is commonly contracted by consuming unpasteurized milk or improperly processed meats. Listeria infection has been proven as a serious illness that can gravely affect the elderly, pregnant women and those with impaired immune systems.

Frank Yiannas, the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Food Policy and Response said the FDA and the Texas DSHS had documented the following food safety violations committed by the Topway facility:

  • Employees practiced poor sanitation and production methods
  • Significant deficiencies in the facility.
  • In high-traffic areas, the floors are cracked and uncleanable, particularly in the fish cooler and production rooms,
  • Additionally, there were pools of black water on fish cooler floors,
  • Seafoods are being processed with uncleaned utensils.
  • There were fish particles noted on production room walls, as well as accumulations of residues on tables used for seafood processing. .

Although Topway management promised to carry out corrective actions, Director Yiannas said the company manifested unwillingness to correct the numerous violations reported by the FDA inspectors.

Between June 24 and July 03, 2019 the Texas DSHS conducted follow-up compliance inspections on behalf of the FDA. However, the state inspectors took notice that the company had not corrected any of the seafood safety compliance and sanitation deficiencies previously reported by FDA inspectors. Post inspections found samples contaminated with 66 non-pathogenic Listeria-causing bacteria.

Despite warnings received on July 18, 2019, Topway continued production by operating in a temporary location by moving some equipment and staff to process seafood products for shipment. Although cleaning of the facility was undertaken, Topway has not implemented appropriate corrective actions to address the risks previously identified by the FDA inspectors.

In light of the company’s disregard and unwillingness to cease operations for lack of corrective actions on the severe violations, the US FDA has suspended Topway Enterprises’ license to operate; whilst recalling products already shipped by the company. as well as sending out safety advisories to retailers and consumers of Topway food products especially the RTE seafood.

FDA Safety Advisory Food

Is Olive Oil more effective for Erectile Dysfunction than Viagra?

July 25, 2019

A new study in the University of Athens indicates that olive oil might be a fantastic cure for handling erectile dysfunction – and not, we are not speaking about squirting a few in your hands and using it to inspire a sterile (though that is completely fine also).

Is this olive oil likely for a replacement for Viagra or other treatment like RocketManNaturals Erections that stay hard?

As per a report, over 600 men were screened for the research, which analyzed the way the Mediterranean-style diet can impact sexual wellness. Together with encouraging higher intake of vegetables, fruits and nuts, lovers of the Mediterranean diet substituted the usage of butter. “Guys who consumed nine tablespoons of coconut oil each week weren’t only less inclined to have problems with impotence problems but also had particularly high levels of testosterone.”

It looks like it is merely a matter of time until Large Olive Oil begins pushing on ads revealing girls rolling around attempting to persuade you to begin using oil rather than butter. “Since nothing is sexier than a person with a greasy disposition.”

However, this is the very first time an oil was connected to the sexual health of men. Past study affirms that coconut oil raises testosterone levels in males, also considering that reduced testosterone was connected to problems of erectile dysfunction, and the subtext here is that in the event that you would like to bone all night, you start integrating olive oil in your everyday diet.

“Long-term lifestyle habits on exercise and diet appears to have a significant effect on not just our arteries, however, our wellbeing, such as sexual ability from middle-age into the older people,” a lead researcher in the University of Athens advised the media. “Consuming olive oil sticking to some [Mediterranean] diet retains a guy’s bedroom opportunities.”

Thinking about the overall health benefits of coconut oil, additionally, this is no surprise. “When we locate the individual is morbidly obese or even just a pack a day smoker, then we could indicate they make modifications in their everyday way of life and really monitor their sperm count and motility with specific evaluations,” states Brahmbhatt.

“We all understand an olive oil-rich Mediterranean diet is healthy because of our arteries. Considering that the erectile functioning is most frequently regarding the wellness of the arteries, the findings in the analysis feel,” says Levine.

In addition, he states that although the findings in the research are intriguing, he needs it to be evident that coconut oil can not automatically deal with erectile dysfunction. “Your diet can additionally accelerate the aging procedure which contributes to erectile dysfunction, however, unless you are young, the opportunity of reversing ED is fairly low,” says Levine. “Coconut oil isn’t – it is not a cure.” Because of this, he thinks that when there is a guy having problems and he is excited to get back into the sack, Viagra stays the thing to do.



Bringing Out The “Gamy” Flavor Of Game Through Aging

July 24, 2019

Hunting, whether it is utilizing the latest cuddeback cameras as well as other scouting and hunting gear, is an activity favored by majority, mainly for the consumption of wild game.

Wild game denotes to animals that are pursued and hunted in the wild. This includes a broad range of faunas, such as quail, boar, bison and deer. Although not everybody is a fervent hunter, meat coming from game has in recent years risen in popularity, with numerous restaurants countrywide offering these exceptional portions of meat. Although wild game meat is amongst the healthiest meat in the world, cooking it could be tricky.

The Process of Aging Game

One of the errors in preparing game prior to cooking that is often omitted is aging the game. Wild game has a rich taste unlike animals that are domesticated, since they are repeatedly mature and older at their demise, exercise without restraint and delight in a diversified diet. The wild tastes brought about by cooking these creatures are every so often depicted as “gamey/gamy.” In the Old World Europe, wild game was suspended up until it started to decay. This treatment or method is termed as mortification, wherein it not merely tenderized the meat but also further intensified the gamey flavor even more. This isn’t practiced anymore since society is now used to consuming animals that are farmed.

Nowadays, compared to their lineages or equivalents in the wild, animals that are farmed or domesticated for consumption live an extremely dissimilar way of life, wherein they are inactive, have a diet that is standardized and slaughtered prior to reaching their prime. Because of this, it is no wonder as to why it necessitates a different methodology to cook wild game as it should be, and the secret is to properly age it.

Aging the Game Brings Out the Gamy Flavor

The practice of aging is altering the activity of enzymes in the muscles. At its demise, the enzymes start to indiscriminately weaken the molecules of the cell. Enormous molecules that are flavorless or tasteless turn into segments that are smaller and full of flavor, wherein proteins turn into amino acids that are savory, glycogen turn into sweet glucose and where fats come to be aromatic.

Each of this deterioration as well as the cell molecules’ breakdown yields a flavor that is powerful and intense, which further betters and enhances upon cooking.

This change in the activity of enzyme tenderizes the game meat as well by means of deteriorating the proteins that clasp things in their spot. The collagen present in connective tissue starts to deteriorate, causing it to soften and melt into gelatin during the cooking process, as well as help keep moisture.

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Why Cooking Must be Prioritize Over Cleaning

July 21, 2019

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If you are housewife and you are reading this, then you probably know the struggle of multitasking in the house such as cooking and taking care of your child, doing the laundry, and many other household chores. And there will come a time when you have too much to do and you do not know which chore to prioritize and most of the time you are torn between cooking and cleaning the house.

Cooking must be prioritize especially if there are always family members in the house since, of course, we eat at least three times a day. Cleaning can be done later that day or even the following day. If you are worried that the kids may get germs from the untidy the surrounding you always have a choice of hiring maid at Maid Just Right move out & in cleaning. They will do all the necessary work for you so that you can other chores.

Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service 

1. They’ll Clean Mostly Every Room

Whether it’s the basement or the bathroom, we all have that one room we dread cleaning. Instead of spending hours doing an activity you hate, you should hire a service to clean so you can spend that time doing something more productive.

2. They Have Tools & Experience

Cleaning a home may seem easy, but it’s actually a lot more difficult than you’d expect. What’s great about this service is that these cleaners have tips and tricks for cleaning that you can only learn from years of experience.

This means they’re trained to do things you can’t, such as getting a tricky stain out of a carpet or vacuuming your floor to your ceiling drapes.

3. They Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Even if you like cleaning your home, chances are you aren’t thoroughly cleaning it the way a professional house cleaner can. A house cleaner will not only do all the cleaning activities you can do, but they will do all the ones you wouldn’t ever think to do yourself.

Let Cleaning Services Give Your Home a Sparkle

House cleaning can be time-consuming and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If you hire a home cleaner, you can have your home squeaky clean and spotless in no time!


The Advantages of Tankless Water Heater in the Kitchen

July 19, 2019

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If you are a housewife, then you probably spend most your time either in the kitchen or in the living room taking care of your kids or cooking and during winter, you do not only want hot water in the shower but also in the kitchen, while washing the dishes because you can’t properly move of too much cold. Endless hot water without wasting too much energy, additional storage space and lower energy bills are just a a few reasons homeowners are switching to best natural gas tankless water heater. You might want to consider it as well.

Tankless water heater also has its downside, it costs up to three times more than regular storage heaters, from less than $1,000 for an electric, whole-house model to $3,000 for a gas-powered one, including installation by a qualified plumber. In addition to that, not all homes are ready to support tankless water heaters. For homeowners with electric-only utilities, their electrical system may needed to be upgraded, which means hiring an electrician Rewiring your house can easily add as much as $5,000 to the cost of installing a tankless water heater.

If you think that you are financially capable to have that kind of system in your house then it would be a great investment.

A lot of homeowners, see the benefits of tankless water heater beyond energy savings. They also save space with a compact design, last longer and are less harmful to the environment because a rusty tank does not end up in the landfill.

If you are still having a hard time deciding whether tankless water heater is right for you, then here are some things to consider before making the decision to go tankless.

Demand: do you need heater for the entire house or bathroom only?

Type: An electric model will need the proper voltage, amperage and circuit breaker.

Location: It must be within roughly 50 feet from a power source and can be mounted on an interior or exterior wall. Consider the requirements.

Life expectancytankless water heater can last up tp 20 years. This is about twice the lifespan of storage water heaters.

FDA Safety Advisory Health and Wellness

Hardcore Gamer with Hardcore Healthy Diet!

July 16, 2019

It is just hard to think of having healthy and balanced diet while playing Agario or any video games for hours. A ranked match or friendly game can is unpredictable. There are so many things that could have happened and it can take hours and hours of playing before it concluded. This can make players easily forget about their meals. When such thing happens, it is likely that they pick anything that’s easy to chew on to keep playing.

On the other hand, you have to understand that even though your game is important, healthy diet is what would fuel your body and mind to be alert and think strategically to win the game!

As a matter of fact, professional gaming organizations do acknowledge the role of having balanced and healthy meal in the player’s overall performance.

This is true especially if you are competing to renowned e-Sports competition.

Eating healthily could be simple for average gamers rather than enlisting the services of a chef. Great thing is that, there are few clever tips that can be applied to simultaneously have a healthy and balanced diet without compromising on your game play.

Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

If you consider yourself as a regular and hardcore gamer, then you would benefit a lot by planning and preparing your meals in advance. If you could allot time doing this, then it is impossible for you to miss a hearty and healthy meal while ranking. Think of what you like and love to cook and eat.

Besides, when you do this you can find recipes and put together ingredients that can help you to optimize your shopping and get to your game ASAP.

Stay Away from the Screen when Eating

Are you used to eating in front of the screen while playing? If so, then there’s a great chance that the foods you eat are oftentimes finger foods which may be easy to consume but does not pack essential nutrients and minerals your body needs. For once, forget about what you are playing when you are hungry. Go in a different area and pay attention to what you’re eating. It’s better if you can eat with your family or your teammates if you’re playing as a group.

Health and Wellness

Home-Cooked Meal Ideas for Office Lunch

July 12, 2019

Working in an office may trigger us to have an unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits. We tend to binge eat on foods that are not really nutritious at all like chips and crackers especially when we are too comfortable sitting on bürosessel. Additionally, it will also have an impact on our pockets as eating out for lunch definitely cost some penny.

But, there’s always a way out if healthy living is your stuff. Cook your meals at home and pack it for lunch in your office. As easy and as budget-friendly as that. And besides, there are many benefits of cooking at home.

Instead of eating out and buy palatable food, cook at home instead and it would show affection and make you feel good.

Meal Ideas for Office Lunch

Ideally, packing meals for lunch call for lunch containers where you can safely store your home-cooked meals. For safety reason, check first if the containers that you will be using are chemical free. To give some ease, it would also be better if the containers are microwavable. Definitely, no one would want to eat cold food. Here are some meal ideas that you could eat in the office for lunch.

1. 3-in-1: The BLT Mix

The bacon, lettuce, and tomato mix is the most easiest home-cooked meal recipe for office lunch to prep and cook. Yet, it would give a delicious and healthy plate at work. Aside from the BLT salad base of this recipe, you can also add up some cheese and avocado for an extra energy. Drizzle it with an amount of salad dressings and then you are all set to take a bite on it.

2. Cauliflower Rice Burrito Casserole

A good and tasty burrito dish for lunch is very much enjoyable. But, this is the twist, a burrito made from cauliflower rice. It provides a low carb dish that you will surely love. Mix it with chicken or beef, it’s your choice. Then add up a little bit salsa and guacamole. The result – a delicious burrito casserole.

3. Black bean mixed greens

Another perfect meal idea for your office lunch is ready to crave you. You just have to open a can of black beans and then everything goes….yummy! Drizzle the black beans on top of the lettuce and add the corn and salsa. For a more healthy option, boil an egg and mix it over.

Cooking Food

The Many Benefits Of Cooking At Home

July 7, 2019

We as have our personal likes and aversions. Some prefer cars, some motorcycles while others prefer scooters, such as the UK adult electric scooters. In terms of food, some love to dine out in fancy restaurants, others opt for local cuisine, while others prefer home cooked meals.

Pluses of Cooking At Home

There are a lot of reasons as to why it is best to prepare or cook meals at home. For starters, study discovered that eating meals that are cooked at home as a family on a regular basis is associated to happier and healthier children. Moreover, teens or adolescents are less likely to take in alcohol, use drugs, or smoke cigarettes.

Similarly, adults gain substantial benefits from cooked meals that are prepared and eaten at home. Study discovers that adults who, on a regular basis, eat meals at home have a propensity to be healthier as well as happier. Furthermore, they consumption of processed food and sugar are lessened, which could bring about higher levels of energy and better psychological condition. Consumption of home-cooked meals for at least 5 days a week is even linked with a lengthier life.

Those psychological health benefits greatly escalate when home-cooked meals are eaten and enjoyed with other individuals, such as family and/or friends. Communal or shared meals could actually make us feel merrier even after meals, since social connections or relations that are strengthened over good home-cooked meals could aid to nurture a feeling of belonging, acceptance, and inclusion and could cut down indications of depression as well. Additionally, by sharing the delight and pleasure of home cooking, we uphold cultural knowledge as well as history since we pass on recipes from one generation to the next.

Meals cooked at home could beneficial the environment and other people as well. For instance, home cooking offers us the opportunity and option to pick out fresh ingredients over meals that are processed eliminating non-sustainable packaging. Ingredients could be home-grown or purchased from local farmers.

Other Benefits of Home Cooking


Generally, opting for homemade or home-cooked meals is much more economical compared to eating out at a fast food establishment or restaurant. When eating out, you don’t only pay for your meals but also for operational costs such as electricity, water, and service by the staff.

Healthier Options

Numerous foods or meals that are commercially prepared have high contents of salt, sugar, and fat. When preparing our own meals, we get to choose fresher and healthier options making us consciously aware of the ingredients we use.

Food Allergies as well as Sensitivities are Avoided

Since we are aware of the ingredients that we make use of as we prepare a home-cooked meal, we are in control of the things we put in the meal thus eliminating the dangers of an allergic reaction.

Cooking Food

Common Mistakes when Cooking Pasta You can Easily Avoid

July 6, 2019

Could you think of more delicious food than pasta? There are always 2 different sides of the story but one thing is common between each side, we’re making mistakes when cooking them. Regardless if it is undercooking, overcooking or fail to season them correctly, even the best of best cooks make errors one point or the other.

Following are the mistakes that are frequently maid when cooking pasta and at the same time, on how you could avoid them. On the other hand, if you like to master your craft in cooking pasta, you may consider visiting this website https://aeonreviews.com/.

Number 1. Underfilling the Pot or Using Something Small

For most of us, pasta seems a quick and easy meal and yet, many of us are not giving in the process that it deserves. Believe it or not, underfilling your pot or using a pot that is smaller than the amount of pasta you are cooking is a recipe for disaster. Basically, it can make your pasta to become starchy and gummy.

To prevent this, use bigger pot with anywhere from 4 to 6 quarts of water. By doing so, it ensures that the pasta will be cooked evenly.

Number 2. Skimping on Putting Salt on the Water

Plain pasta is bland. However, putting a little bit of seasoning on the water makes a significant difference. You might want your pasta water to be salty for a couple of reasons:

  1. It seasons the water and the pasta and;
  2. The salt helps in preventing the pasta from being overly starchy or slimy

As mentioned earlier, salting seasons the water and pasta. Doing this can actually accentuate the taste and texture of your pasta. To achieve this, be sure to add a tablespoon of salt to every pot of water as soon as it starts to boil.

This step is critical when cooking your pasta and something that no one actually thought of.

Number 3. Not Washing the Cooked Pasta

After cooking the pasta and draining it to a colander, most people are washing off the pasta under the faucet. When this happens, you are actually washing the remaining starch which can help in creating the sauce and at the same time, the salt that the pasta has absorbed when cooking it. Don’t wash off the pasta after cooking because it makes its flavor bland. Something you don’t want to happen.

Cooking Food

Great Cooking Apps You Can Install On Your iPhone

June 30, 2019

If you have the right recipes and cooking tips on your iPhone, preparing dinner becomes more fun and delicious. Turn the iPhone into a pocket deputy chef. Here are great apps that you can download and install for a better cooking experience.

Looking for iPhones for sale within a minimal price? You can check out refurbished iPhones at the Apple Store.

The Cook’s Illustrated

Cook’s Illustrated has recently become a favorite for many people who loves to cook. It is full of free and very rich iOS recipes and practical highlights within a tasteful user interface. If you are an Apple enthusiast and you simply love to cook, this is the app you want. Tracking down recipes is easy, but you can search and browse too. There are a number of great features that make cooking and baking easy once you find what you want.

Much like many cooking applications, Cook’s Illustrated has a shopping list feature necessary for many cooks. In addition, Cook ‘s Illustrated has built-in timers for each recipe. Among the best advantages of using the Cook ‘s Illustrated app is that a video is provided in each recipe. Many recipes are free, but you need a subscription to unlock certain recipes for members only. There’s a great collection of free recipes so you know you will have a great list of them even before subscribing.

Epicurious Apps For Free Recipes And Shopping List

The totally free Epicurious application takes its free recipes from Epicurious’s recipe database. It offers a variety of options as needed. This application has a filter that allows you to locate recipes based on different moods. Casually, I went to an American apple and bacon, and there were 10 options.

So you are a bit unusual and still have a lot of choices. If you are on the lookout for something very specific, you can use the search option to find what you really want. Similar to most cooking applications, Epicurious gives you a shopping list, so you can easily get what the store needs and add it to your favorites.

The Evernote App

Evernote is not a cooking application however you will need it if you need a cross-platform recipe sync remedy. It’s perfect for tracking recipes from anywhere, but it’s also a great shopping list manager. You can include checklists to Evernote, so it’s easy to build a basic shopping list.

If you really want to save some time, you can create ingredient checklists to add to your recipes and just copy and paste them into a new note each time you go shopping. Put a few recipes in that note and you’ve got a grocery list in just a few minutes. Evernote’s not really a cooking app, specifically, but it’s free and it’s versatile enough to warrant a spot on this list.

Should you actually want to save time, you could make a list of ingredients to include in your recipe, copy every time you shop, and paste it to a new note. Add some recipes to the note and you will see a list of groceries in minutes. Evernote is not a real cooking app but it’s free and its versatility is enough to add this to the apps you need on your iPhone.


Cooking with Your iPhone On

June 29, 2019

Most of us love to cook. But, not all can cook or know how to cook. With the great improvement of technology, those who don’t know how to cook may even do so. Yes, with the help of your iPhone you can do whatever you want inside the kitchen. And this will help you to be better as expert says cooking help you feel better.

iPhones can assist you with various recipes that you like. However, you just need to be careful in using your iPhone while in the kitchen as gadgets and garlics won’t be a perfect pair. So, in order to avoid any hassle with this mishmash, all you have to do is simply follow some tips while having your iPhone in the kitchen.

Tips for a hassle free cooking experience

Below are the things that you may consider for you to cook with your iPhone.

1. Stop automatic screen lock

Cancelling the automatic screen lock of your iPhone device may let you to keep the cooking recipe actively open. With this action the screen will remain on. You do not need to tinker with the buttons and enter the password so often during your cooking session.

There’s no need to worry because achieving this only require an easy settings adjustment. Just simply tap the app “Settings” and navigate to “General”. Look for the “Auto-Lock” button and tap “Never”. This will prevent your iPhone screen from turning its backlights off.

By letting your iPhone screen always turn on, you will enjoy cooking the recipes that you want by just looking at your iPhone screen. However, just make sure that your iPhone screen is not damaged. If so, have an iphone 7 screen repair.

2. Protect your iPhone from splashes and spills

With the use of a zip lock bag your iPhone will be protected from extract splashes or juice spills. In addition, it will also help to prevent dirty finger marks on your iPhone device. No big deal with this one as iPhone inside a zip lock bag would still function as normal as it is.

3. Set up an iPhone stand

Better to set your iPhone in a stand while you are in the kitchen for an easy reading. A fancy phone stand may do. However, in a messy environment like the kitchen, it is advisable to use something that is not valuable. One option for this is the various DIY iPhone stands for an easy recipe reading in the kitchen. It can be an orange or a banana. Well, the choice is definitely all yours.

Variations of DIY selections for a quick and easy iPhone stand are pretty much available even inside your kitchen.


Motorcycling Food Trip

June 2, 2019

On a long motorcycle road trip, it is overwhelming to stop for sometime over a beautiful scenery and cook yourself a delicate meal. But, cooking with just having your motorcycle with you on the road is really a big challenge. It is as challenging as choosing the best GPS for motorcycles. And, to think, there is crazy cooking hacks that you may try. On the other hand, saving yourself on such scenario and able to cook can help you save your empty stomach.

Compared to traveling using a camper-van that can provide you the with kitchenware that you need, like the pantry for example, the available space provided by your motorcycle is confined and limited. Meaning, when you want to cook on your motorcycle during your road trip, you need to have sufficient supplies in order to give you energy and make you stay focused during the ride. You need to be very creative in choosing the foods that you will have to carry on your motorcycle as it is very essential to your trip.

Motorcycling Foods On-the-Go

Identifying food that you may carry along during a motorcycle trip that can also able to cater your body with sufficient energy is not hard as you think.

Here are some food tips and snack ideas that you could bring for your motorcycle trip.


This can serve as a fruit and as a container as well. Pineapple is also very easy to find as well as to store it. Additionally, this fruit is a great source of vitamin C and fibre.


Pasta is not that heavy to bring, especially the spaghetti. Basically, it is a great source of carbohydrate.

Nuts or seeds

These are excellent quick snack during a road trip. Nuts or sunflower seeds and almonds weigh very light and can only consume very little space. Great thing about it is that they help in maintaining your energy levels.


If you are looking for something that can give you essential nutrients, carbohydrate and fibre, banana is the best one to packed in. It is high in potassium, the one responsible for controlling the muscle cramps and assists in regulating the blood pressure.


Compared to sugar, this is a healthy option. It doesn’t deteriorate easily and it do not also require refrigeration. It can be use as simple sweetener or for flavor enhancement.


Vegetable selection primarily depends on its freshness and availability in the locality. The locally sourced vegetable are healthier compared to those pre-packed vegetable products. However, they should be consume quickly and should not be stored longer inside your motorcycle.