Real Cheap Eats NYC 2012 Year-End Update (aka “Eating Cheap at the End of the World”)

real-cheap-eats-logoLast year City Spoonful joined forces with our fellow food bloggers to create Real Cheap Eats NYC, an insider’s guide to more than 250 of the best, truly cheap (less than $10) dishes throughout all five boroughs.

With the launch of the site’s 2012 year-end (aka, “end of the world”) update today, the Real Cheap Eats NYC bloggers are back in action. The new payload: more than 20 recommendations for eating cheap throughout the city at year’s (world’s?) end—from Yemeni omelettes in Bay Ridge (Brooklyn) to Salvadoran tamales in Jamaica (Queens), meaty Albanian bureks in the Bronx and Fujianese fried rice in Manhattan Chinatown.

The site is expanded every season with fresh recommendations for cheap and delicious food, while a companion blog provides weekly updates and food features. Browse by neighborhood or cuisine, or search for whatever food you love. It’s all here, brought to you by the food-loving bloggers who pound the pavement in search of the city’s unsung culinary delights.

New York may be one of the most expensive cities in the world, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a good meal without breaking the bank. Real Cheap Eats NYC will help you do it.

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