Sheep Station: What’s Australian for Food?

Sheep Station’s rough-hewn ambience and open, well-lit dining room capture the sun-soaked feel of its namesake, an Australian sheep ranch.

Taking cues from our server, we began our meal with a veggie curry pie, an Aussie favorite. The mini pie’s soft, flaky crust—more like that of phyllo dough than what one usually encounters in an American pot pie—enveloped a surprisingly sweet filling of chopped vegetables and curry sauce.

Curiosity about the shearer’s burger had partly drawn us to Sheep Station, and we didn’t miss this opportunity to try it. The thick beef patty arrived at our table piled high with unusual fixings: fried egg, pineapple and beet—a combination more commonly found in the South Pacific. Perhaps for good measure, the burger also included a few all-American toppings as well: caramelized onion, tomato and lettuce.

Shearer’s burger at Sheep Station. Photo by Nina Golgowski.

Shearer’s burger at Sheep Station. Photo by Nina Golgowski.

Surprisingly, it was the sweet, earthy slice of beet that dominated the burger’s flavor ensemble. The impression wasn’t half-bad, though a slice of Australian cheddar cheese might have added the balance my palate craved.

Sheep Station also prides itself on its fresh seafood, so we ordered the day’s special, a half-dozen oysters served with an Australian twist: a complementary pint of beer.

Oysters at Sheep Station. Photo by Nina Golgowski.

Oysters at Sheep Station. Photo by Nina Golgowski.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience for this first-time oyster eater. The accompanying lemon wedge and vinegar sauce helped to sooth the sea-soaked flavor of the raw meat. Unfortunately, my dining companion, who admitted to being pickier about his oysters, was not entirely satisfied with their flavor.

While there’s a great selection of drinks at Sheep Station, asking the bartender to recommend an authentic Australian beer got me immediately to the best pint of the night, the Coopers Sparkling. It’s one of the pricier beers on the list, but the fresh flavor and crisp body of this English pale ale easily surpassed the other beers we tried.

A word to the wise: Don’t be fooled by some of Sheep Station’s other beers, like The Sheep’s Milk, which are actually American and far more bland—almost flat—in taste.

The Sheep Station’s cool, comfortable atmosphere and creative, well-executed menu made for a charming and very original meal. While some of the flavors challenged our taste buds, we left satisfied.

Sheep Station, 149 Fourth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn, 718-857-4337,

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